A connector provides the ability to synchronise software asset metadata between external systems and Aplas. While it is also possible to accomplish the same result via our API, connectors provide a no-code configuration-based system. We recommend you consider a pre-built connector before custom coding via our API.

There are two types of connector, inbound and outbound. Both use a queuing system to reliably deliver messages to and from Aplas while reporting issues as they occur.

Inbound Connectors


Atlassian Confluence is a document management system that can store software documentation (e.g. integration technical specifications) that might be of interest to a software index. For more information see our Automated Indexing via Confluence article.


GitHub is a sourceFor many companies with large development teams, there’s already a perfect time to update the documentation - as developers change the code. Developers have one of the most reliable views on software as they are often the ones building it.

Outbound Connectors

ServiceNow (COMING SOON)

ServiceNow is a service management platform that requires accurate and detailed information about software assets. Often the most accurate source for this information is an Aplas index.

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